What Can You Earn? It’s All Up To You!

Any associate who joins Watkins can immediately begin selling products to earn profits. However, the associates who earn the largest incomes long-term are those who build a team by helping other people get started in our business.

Once you establish a team, you can earn bonus commissions from Watkins on the results of your overall team, not just on your own retailing efforts. It’s Watkins’ way of saying “thanks” to you for helping increase the number of associates and the number of customers those associates are reaching.

And here’s what’s really cool… Your team members would likely continue their retailing and sponsoring even if you took time off for your family, a vacation, or other priorities. And, because your team would still be helping Watkins get products to families, you can continue to earn bonus income even when you’re not working. That’s called “residual income” and it’s very powerful! Residual income allows some associates to earn much more than they’d ever be worth at a traditional job. But what’s really possible? And what should the average person expect?

All new associates start from exactly the same place, with no associates in their team. They then progress to higher levels based on their achievements. Watkins Incorporated has told us that historically, the “average” person in Watkins has been someone who just enjoys the 25% to 39% discount on their own purchases, or who sporadically does a small amount of catalog sharing or other retailing.

Because so many of these enrolled associates are not actively building their businesses, Watkins’ company-wide statistics indicate the typical participant is someone who earns less than $50 per month in bonuses and residual income. But in the Summit Group, we teach motivated associates the true potential of this business. Consistently, the Summit Group associates have been among the highest earners, biggest advancers on the compensation plan, and most frequent free trip earners year after year.

Depending on your personal goals and your preferred way of building your business, you may choose to focus most or all of your efforts on sponsoring other associates.

For associates who have developed medium- to large-sized teams, the income can be quite astonishing. Imagine your own situation, and picture how this level of income could change your life. We’re talking about $20,000 per month or more! Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Certainly, not everyone who joins our team reaches the highest levels of success (but, of course, that’s true in all areas of life). What’s great about Watkins is that those who put forth any level of effort can be rewarded for those efforts.

But please realize that you don’t have to be shooting for the top in order to benefit from this business. Many associates just want to give their families a little extra buffer in the monthly budget. That’s perfectly fine—there are no mandatory requirements for associates. Even at lower levels of success, many associates have been able to earn a consistent income that can help cover a car payment; pay off a credit card; add to a college fund; or provide for fun family outings with cash left over.

The beauty of this business is that you get to decide how much effort you’ll put forth, and how much success you want to pursue.

So don’t wait, big or small, who can’t use some extra cash their pocket??  What is wonderful about our products is that the trend for natrual products has risen substantially over the last decade or so and are in much higher demand.  People are becoming more and more aware of the damages and the illnesses that chemicals can cause.  JR Watkins stawrted 145 years ago using natural ingredients and is still going strong.

Give you and your family the life they deserve by getting healthy, getting happy, and getting Watkinized.  Please go to my site at http://www.tsginfo.com/cj4277 or go to http://www.tsginfo.com and enter cod cj4277 for more information.


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