The Summit Group of JR Watkins Consultants

The Summit Group - Having Fun, Helping Friends, Creating Wealth, Reaching Dreams

Company Overview

The Summit Group is the largest, most award-winning team of independent work-from-home business people who represent the Watkins company. This business allows you to have a perfect income that won’t interfere with your family, job, or social life.  Started by JR Watkins Consultants Steve & Ginny Bretzge approximately 20 years ago to support their team of Consultants and it has grown by leaps and bounds and is in my personal opinion by far the best & biggest of the groups to be part of.
If you sign up to become a consultant through the Summit Group your training materials & support you have access to are 2nd to none starting with your own complimentary website to direct people to so you can introduce them to the opportunity as well.
Check out my page at or go to and enter code cj4277 to see more details on this amazing opportunity to become a JR Watkins through The Summit Group.
Steve & Ginny believe success is possible for all of us and have taken the hard work out of the equation by sharing with us what works and what doesn’t work, and that gives us a leading edge against the competition.  They have invested their time & money into making us all have the opportunity to be successful.
Their hard work and dedication to this team will help us all reach our own summits, whatever they may be.  Thank you Steve & Ginny for the gift of yourselves to us all.

Stever & Ginny Bretzge - Our Fearless, Selfless & Amazing Leaders

Stever & Ginny Bretzge – Our Fearless, Selfless & Amazing Leaders

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