How It Works-Makes So Much Sense-It’s A No-Brainer!

  • This easy, flexible, sensible work-from-home business can let you earn from a couple hundred dollars to many thousands in extra income each month.
  • Simply help us get more families using Watkins products, by selling products yourself or by introducing other people to our business opportunity, or both.
  • Earn 25% to 39% profit on everything you sell.
  • Earn 5% to 10% average bonus commissions on your team members’ activity.
  • Get the wholesale discount of 25% to 39% on everything you buy for your own family.
  • Get the income tax advantages of owning your own business, which may increase your tax refunds.
  • Backed by Watkins’ superior products and reputation.
  • Tons of free coaching, tools, and a training website from the Summit Group (if you join under the person who sent you to this site).
  • Just $39.95 gets you started.
  • Join with the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Full refund within your first thirty days if it doesn’t work out for any reason. or go to and enter code cj4277 either method gets you started on the path for the freedom you desire in your life for you and your family




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