Can You Really Succeed At This? Absolutely!

What’s this business all about, and why would they need someone like me to work from home?

Great question. So, let’s take it from square one…

Watkins is a respected company that makes natural-based products for health, nutrition, cooking, bath & body, and household cleaning. Families use these kinds of products in their day-to-day lives, but most people just grab whatever brand is on the shelf at the grocery or drug store. Watkins wants to introduce families to the quality and value of Watkins products, and wants to become the prominent brand over competitors. And that’s where you come into the picture…

Watking LogoWatkins will reward you with immediate profits and monthly bonuses if you help get more families using Watkins products instead of other brands. You can do that by selling products yourself and/or by helping bring other associates to the business. And, of course, you get a nice discount on any Watkins products you want for yourself.

The reason Watkins wants you and other normal everyday people to work from home is because social marketing (hearing about something good from another normal person via phone, Facebook, e-mail, or face-to-face) has become more effective than typical ad campaigns. So, instead of spending millions on expensive advertising, Watkins lets normal everyday people earn income and bonuses for helping spread the word about their products and the business.

In other words, just by your willingness to try Watkins products yourself and to tell other people about Watkins, you’ve got more power than a big advertising firm—and Watkins will reward you for it. Pretty cool, huh?

What’s The Summit Group, and what’s their role in my success?

Watkins associates are divided into teams, with each team’s leaders deciding how much training and assistance to provide for their team members.

The largest and most successful team in all of Watkins is called the Summit Group. They offer more free training and support for new Watkins associates than any other team, and have a track record of 20 years helping people succeed in this business. In fact, the Summit Group has more people who have reached the mid-level to high-level incomes than any other team.

So, you’ll be thrilled to know that the person I Cheryl Jeffries #461592 at enter code cj4277 is a member of the Summit Group team of independent Watkins associates. And, when you join under me, you automatically get to be a member of the Summit Group, too, totally free.

I will be your “sponsor” as you get started, which simply means they’ll be available to answer basic questions and offer friendly encouragement as you get started. In many Watkins teams, that’s sadly the only assistance that’s offered.

But, as a Summit Group member, you’ll have full access to tons of exclusive free coaching, online training, conference calls, business tools, recognition, and encouragement—all provided free by your leaders in the Summit Group. Obviously, this helps you succeed. Some of the things you’ll have available to use as much or as little as you want are:

  • Free access to our training site, where you can read our Quick Start Guide and other great articles that teach you how to make the most money in the least amount of time.
  • Free business tools you can print from our training site, including price lists, business cards, customer newsletter templates, and a brochure with the same information as this website that you can share with other people.
  • Free prospecting website (like this one, but personalized with your name), where you can send other people who may be interested in joining Watkins under you.
  • Free conference calls where you can have fun meeting other Watkins associates.
  • Free archive of past conference calls that you can listen to online or copy to your MP3 player or audio CDs.
  • Free online message board where you can ask questions and discuss the business ideas with other associates.
  • Free individual coaching via e-mail or phone as needed with top leaders in our business.


IMPORTANT: All this support is absolutely FREE, when you join Watkins as a member of our Summit Group team. (Sorry, but if you join Watkins under some other group, we are not permitted to EVER give you access to our training and success system.)

What would I be doing?

This business is quite simple. You can retail products to customers and earn immediate profits. Or, help other people get started as associates (by sending them to your free website just like this one, or by giving them copies of our printed brochure), and you can earn ongoing bonuses as they build their business. Plus, you get the associate’s discount on your own purchases, saving your family money. Easy!

Why is this better than other ways to earn income?

This business gives you the ability to earn income while still having complete time flexibility for your family, your full-time career, hobbies, clubs, church, or other things that are important to you. You can begin earning income immediately by retailing products. By introducing others to our business, you can also build a large, ongoing income which continues month after month, even when you’re taking time off. You can get the income tax advantages of being a small business owner, which may let you get larger income tax refunds. You won’t have any “boss” or any leader breathing down your neck. You do as much or as little as you want, and you can adjust your level of involvement at any point without needing to explain your decisions to anyone—it’s totally flexible. All those reasons make this a perfect way to earn income.

Am I too shy?

How much can I earn by selling?

If you choose to sell Watkins products to customers, you typically earn between $250 to $390 in profit for yourself out of every thousand worth of products you sell. You get 25% immediate profit/discount upfront, plus up to 14% in bonuses after the end of the month (with the highest bonuses being reached when you have around $2,000 US in sales per month).

How much can I earn by sponsoring?

If you choose to tell other people about our business and they join your team, you’ll typically earn between $50 and $100 in bonus income for each thousand in products purchased by your team members or their customers. These bonuses could be as high as 14% of the retail price, but generally average about 5% to 10%, depending on the overall sales volume of your team each month.

How much time will it take? Are there monthly minimums or requirements?

Put in as much or as little effort as makes sense for you at any point. There are no monthly requirements (and you won’t be “kicked out” if you do nothing at all), but bonuses kick in and get larger as you reach certain thresholds. So, like everything in life, you can get bigger results by taking more action.

Are there start-up fees or expenses?

The only required fee is $39.95 to activate your account with Watkins, for which you get your first year of membership, the 25% associate discount, and a small informational packet with one catalog and some basic instructions from Watkins.

Of course, if you join under a Summit Group member when you enroll, you’ll also get free access to all of our Summit Group training and tools. Depending on how you want to build your business, you may want to get catalogs, product samples, or other optional business tools from Watkins, which are all priced very reasonably. And, naturally, you’ll want to order Watkins products for your own use, but (with your 25% discount) it will be the same or less than you’re already paying at other stores for similar products—so that won’t add any new expense to your budget. All in all, there’s no other business of this caliber with such a low start-up investment.

Is there a need in my area?

We’re not aware of any area of the U.S. and Canada that has “too many” Watkins associates. But as a rule of thumb, ask yourself how many different Watkins associates have offered you a catalog in the past year. If it’s less than five, then there’s definitely a need for you to sell Watkins products in your area. As far as sponsoring, the number of associates in your area doesn’t matter, because you can reach out to anyone living anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Just contact Watkins during your first thirty days and they’ll get you a refund.



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