The Product That Started It All

Wash and iron; cook and clean; repeat. Such was life for many women in 1868. But times were changing. Elizabeth Blackwell opened the first Women’s Medical College. Louisa May Alcott captured the period’s ideals and values in Little Women. And, hard-working wives and mothers with tired, aching muscles found relief in a new, all-natural liniment manufactured and sold by Joseph Ray Watkins.

JR Liniment
Working out of his Plainview, Minn., home, J.R. Watkins made the one-of-a-kind pain reliever with camphor from evergreen trees and capsicum from red peppers. Still sold today, the Pain Relieving Liniment is now 96.5% natural and uses eco-friendly packaging.

  • Pain Relieving Liniment – 11 oz – $14.99
  • Pain Relieving Liniment Spray – 4 oz – $10.99

Other Natural Remedies to Complete Your Medicine Cabinet

  • Petro Carbo Salve – relieves pain and itching associated with minor cuts, scrapes, burns, skin irritations and insect bites – 4.37 oz – $15.99
  • Deep Muscle Cooling Gel – Cool and soothe muscle aches, simple back pain, and minor arthritis with this 97.2% natural menthol formula that works much like an ice pack – 3.3 oz – $9.99
  • Deep Muscle Warming Balm – Wintergreen extract (natural methyl salicylate), menthol, and capsaicin join forces to warm muscles naturally .  The greaseless formula is 99% natural and it penetrates quickly to relieve muscle aches and minor arthritis – $9.99

To make sure you have your medicine cabinet stocked with the basics please contact me so that you can be assured you always have what you need when you need it.

email me at or call me directly to place your order at 289-260-8553


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