January 2014 Sale Items

Good Morning Everyone!!! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my exciting news!!! I am in receipt of the new JR Watkins January to June 2014 beautiful new catalogs.  Chocked full of our amazing ALL NATURAL products, a lot of the oldies but goodies and some new products I am sure you will be just as impressed to see as I am.   Only 3 days left of the January sales offers as well so get your orders in!!!  If you need a catalog please let me know and I will fire it off to you straight away!  Host a Living Naturally Event (online event, catalog event, or an intimate get-together at your home, the choice is yours) and get special hostess benefits!!! Or would you like 25% off every product in the book???  Watch for future posts as I will be making some announcements about where you will be able to find me Hot smile Ask me how, I would love to share both opportunities with you!  Give me a call!!!Call me

January Sale Items (get the now before the sale ends!)

BOGO $4.00 OFF

20495 – Baby Wash $9.99 get the Baby Oil for $4.99 (Regular $8.99) Thumbs up

BOGO $5.00 OFF

Buy Any Sugar & Shea Body Scrub Regular Price $14.99 and Get 20443 Grapefruit Body Scrub for $9.99 Thumbs up

  • 20511 – Coconut Milk & Honey $14.99
  • 20451 – Lavender $14.99
  • 20454 – Lemon Cream $14.99

Sale Items

Natural Body Care Hand Creams Regular Price $10.99 NOW $8.49 Thumbs up

  • 40507 – Aloe & Green Tea
  • 40508 – Lavender
  • 40509 – Lemon Cream
  • 40510 – Vanilla (limited Quantities)

Natural Based Remedies

  • 32305 – Menthol Camphor Bath Soak Regular Price $11.99 NOW $10.49 Thumbs up
  • 32340 – Menthol Camphor Relief Mist Regular Price $10.99 NOW $8.99 Thumbs up
  • 02351 – Menthol Lavender Drops Regular Price $17.99 NOW $15.99 Thumbs up

Traditional Remedies

  • Petro Carbo Salve Regular Price $15.99 NOW $14.99 Thumbs up
  • White Cream Liniment Regular Price $16.99 NOW 14.99 Thumbs up

And Don’t Forget About Our New Dietary Supplement Line Sun

JR Watkins has taken the guessing game out of what vitamin you need for your improvement intent and what you should be taking at each stage of life.  Let me help you get started on a regime that is sure to give your body what it needs…Naturally.

  • 32288 – Daily Vitamin (Qty 90) $31.99
  • 32289 – Immune Support Vitamin C 1000 mg (Qty 90) $29.99
  • 32294 – Weight Management Healthy Metabolism (Qty 100) $29.99
  • 32293 – Energy (Qty 90) $31.99
  • 32292 – Healthy Aging Bone Health (Qty 90) $28.99
  • 32290 – Eye Health (Qty 90) $39.99
  • 32291 – Omega-3 Fish Oil (Qty 70) $29.99
  • 32296 – Joint Health (Qty 90) $33.99

Whatever you need whenever you need it!

Get Healthy, Get Happy, Get Watkinized!

Best Regards,

Cheryl Jeffries


Independent Consultant 461592


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