Cheryl L Jeffries
608-626 Knox Avenue, Hamilton, ON L8H, Canada

Bio: I am currently CEO of Me at CJ International Networking Team and I love it! I set my own hours, I meet the most wonderfully kind, supportive, professional & driven people, and if I want to go to work in my pj's I can :). I am so blessed to be able to do what I do right from the comfort of my own home. On August 1st 2014 I will officially become a consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists Skin Care Products in Canada (Right now we are in the pre-launch stage but I have my place secured...you can secure your place on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity as well, just send me an email at cherylljeffries@gmail.com and lets go to Morocco next year together!(yes that's 2 l's in the name :)) As well I have the privilege of being a JR Watkins Natural Products Consultant (through The Summit Group of Consultants) ID# 461592. If you would like information on our products or the business opportunity please email me at cheryl@naturale4u.com. Both are amazing companies with amazing people, products & training. I love working from home and I also love that I can choose what kind of products I promote instead of working for a company that sells nothing or sells products or services that I don't believe in. As well I get to choose how much money I make, not someone else in the HR department or company owner. Get paid what you are worth, and get paid doing something you love and can stand behind(in your pj's...lol)!

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